Was it one of your dreams to travel to New York, but you had no idea how to plan it? Good organization can be difficult sometimes, but when it comes to such a beautiful place, it is worth planning your trip in detail. We have selected a few tips to help you with planning a NYC trip.

How to plan a trip to New York?

It is best to plan some of the essential points for you at the very beginning. Therefore, our proposal will be the diagram below.

1. Book flight and hotel – Decide in which part of the city you would like to book your hotel, overlooking Central Park or perhaps in a more built-up part of the city surrounded by skyscrapers?

2. Make a list of attractions worth checking out with YouMap locals recommendations – Check stars, ratings, and comments. See how other tourists and locals perceive a given place or event.

3. Prioritise your list – Determine what is most important to you during this trip – seeing new parks, eating fresh, delicious New York food, or maybe the culture itself and events organized in it?

4. Plan your itinerary – Collect places: restaurants, museums, unusual shops and arrange the order to visit them. Pay attention to the duration of your stay in New York. A few days may not be enough for a beautiful and massive place like that! In case of doubts or concerns, you can always hire a guide who will help you find your way around museums and other attractions.

5. Create a map with YouMap (and follow the ones that come in handy!) – You don’t have to be just an observer! You can create a map yourself, using a template, and mark your little discoveries when you are there. 

Maybe not many people saw the spectacular restaurant you discovered on the map? Please share it, give others a chance to find it, and have a good time. No matter how long we live in a particular place, even the locals may overlook a unique place. Collect your trips, emotions, and dreams with YouMap by creating new templates one after the other.

6. Set up the budget – Analyse how much money you can take with you. Consider the prices in New York, the time you will be there, and the cost of returning and arriving. Calculate so that you don’t have to regret not trying something.

Take into account how big New York is and that prices in some places may be different. It can be easier with YouMap, because the application is equipped with information about attractions, for example, a map with top burgers in New York, thanks to which you will quickly find out about the price of a meal.

7. Check the weather forecast – Of course, you need to consider the time of year, temperature, and general weather conditions in New York. However, in case of weather anomalies, YouMap can notify you about it! Just add this category to the ones you are interested in. In addition, in traffic jams or a car accident, you can also be automatically informed about it!

8. Keep a smile! – No matter what you do, always approach it with a smile on your face. A positive attitude will attract cheerful people, and who knows, a planned trip to New York could turn out to be even better!

What can we tell you about the best places to see in New York City via YouMap? Here are a few examples that should engage you.

Plan a trip to New York
source of image: Pixabay

Best places to see in New York City

10 Best Burgers in New York!

You will undoubtedly be interested in this passage if you enjoy burgers like many of us. In YouMap, we have created a Ranking of the best 10 burgers in New York. See for yourself and choose the place that convinces you the most. Ranking available here: YouMap New York Best Burgers! 

NYC trip planning

Central Park

Central Park is the largest oasis of greenery, surrounded by beautiful, high skyscrapers. So take a breath of fresh air and relax on a walk through a beautiful green land. If you are a pet owner, YouMap may be more beneficial than you think. See which place in Central Park is the best for playing with your pets!

Plan NYC trip
source of image: Pixabay

Museum of Modern Art – MoMA

Take a journey into modern art, visit MoMa, and share your feelings with others in the app. See for yourself how many communities are also interested in this.

Places to see in new york city moma
source of image: unsplash

Metropolitan Museum Of Art

The largest museum in New York will take you to a different reality. The museum showcases over 5,000 years of art from around the world. Check it out and see how many works of art decorate the museum.

Planning a trip to new york
Source of images: Pixabay

Statue of Liberty

The monument symbolizes freedom. It is hard not to notice the monument during your stay in New York. A beautiful statue on Liberty Island is a must-have to see during your trip.

How to plan a trip to New York
Source of image: Pixabay

Empire State 

One of the most recognizable skyscrapers in New York! Share your collision experience with this massive structure with the YouMap community.

Best places to see in new york city
Source of image: Pixar

Upper East Side

The town is one of the wealthiest in Manhattan. See the beautiful architecture and feel the atmosphere of this place. Additionally, every loyal fan of Gossip Girl’s cult American series should see this place! Don’t you want to feel like the main character of the series?

How to plan a vacation to new york city?
Source of image: unsplash

Enjoy your NYC trip to the fullest

We hope that the above top attractions we have selected have encouraged you to visit New York and get to know its most hidden places. We have introduced just a tiny bit of it to see and share while traveling there.

Collect experience, adventures with YouMap and expand your community. Don’t treat the application only as a map to help you reach your chosen places. Treat it as a diary of your trips and area, where you can meet amazing people who share your passion.

YouMap – Benefits

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Customize to the user is the sense of the YouMap. At the very beginning, you choose the categories that interest you the most. Thanks to them, you can stay informed about any added maps on those topics. 

Then, you can engage in the YouMap community and create your maps. You can comment, rate, and share your opinion about a given place with other users.

Now you will easily find the most recommended sites for tourists.

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