Getting a summer job is a wonderful way to earn some extra money and enrich your resume at the same time. No matter whether it’s related to your future full-time job or not, it will always be a valuable experience. Thus, it should not surprise you that many people are eager to find a place to work during the summer. If you are among them, you should definitely read this article – we will give you a few tips on how to get a summer job here. Enjoy!

How to find a summer job?

With many people looking for a summer job, finding it might not be easy. Yet, if you follow the tips below, you should be able to handle this task. So, how to find a summer job? Take a look at our advice:

  • Don’t leave your search for the last minute – Before an actual interview, even before you leave your resume, you have to make sure that there are openings. Yet, with hundreds of people looking for summer jobs every year, the number of job offers will be shrinking rapidly. So, what do you have to do? Get down to research before the season. Employers don’t want to leave anything to chance, so they are more likely to employ you right away, and you will have many more positions to choose from.
  • Prepare a well-organized resume – Your CV is the first channel through which you communicate with your potential employer. Thus, even if you don’t have much experience, you need a neat, readable resume. It will prove that you are reliable, well-organized and treat your responsibilities seriously, thus increasing your chances of getting hired.
  • Look for summer jobs, but not only – While the first step for you should be to search through seasonal job offers, don’t limit yourself to that. Even if you are not planning to stay at your job after summer, you might try reaching out to the employers who do not specifically state that they hire only for the season. After all, if they have a vacancy, it’s better for them to fill it for the summer and have more time to look for a permanent employee in the meantime. Thus, giving them a call might land you a job.
  • Think outside-the-box – We usually associate seasonal jobs with tourism, but they are not limited to that. There are many jobs such as fruit and vegetable picking or even construction that are done mostly during the summer. Sometimes students go back to their hometown for the vacation period, and the employers need somebody to cover for them during the season. Consider all the possible options, not only the typical ones!
  • Ask in the community – We’ve already explained how to get involved in your community, but did you know that by doing so you can find a summer job? You will surely stumble across a local business owner who is looking for some help during the season on one of the community events. And, even if you don’t, other members of your community might give you advice on where to look for such an opening, or even recommend you some businesses. Networking is crucial in all industries, and community events are a way to network locally, so make full use of them.

how to get a summer job

Where to look for summer jobs?

Since you know how to get a summer job, now the other question arises – where to look for it? The first place that you should check are portals dedicated to job offers, such as LinkedIn or Indeed. However, since they are targeted at everybody, from beginners to highly experienced specialists, you might stumble across too many openings. Thus, you can try a different approach.

One of the alternatives is simply going through your town and asking in your desired workplaces. Some might even have job ads on display, plus this often gives you the opportunity to talk directly with the business owner, and check for red flags.

Finally, you should check applications such as YouMap – our social mapping app. Maybe there is a seasonal jobs map for your location, where different users review each employer? Or, perhaps, the local business owners set up a map with summer job openings? Taking a look won’t cost you much time, but can help significantly. And, if there are no maps, be sure to create one and encourage your friends to fill it in – you might help your younger colleagues in the future!

The takeaway

How to find a summer job? With our 5 tips, you should already know the answer. So, what are you waiting for? Get down to your search!

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