What are the best winter wonderland travel destinations? Our favorites include Canada, Hallstatt (Austria), Zakopane (Poland), Iceland, and Budapest (Hungary). Why these places? Read this article to find out!

The Best Winter Wonderland Destinations to Travel in 2023/2024

Let’s take a look at the most breathtaking destinations that you absolutely must visit during the winter season.


There are so many wonderful destinations in Canada that we simply cannot name one. Some of them will stun you with the natural beauty, others with the architecture combined with the white and fluffy coat of snow. What’s really special, even in terms of this country? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Quebec City – captivating with its European-inspired architecture, this city will leave you in awe and delight.
  • Lake Minnewanka – a testament to the beauty of nature, it rightfully claims its spot among the world’s best winter wonderland destinations.
  • Nunavut – as the northernmost region in Canada, it’s an ideal destination to experience thrilling winter activities like snowmobiling and dog sledding.

Hallstatt, Austria

Even if you don’t recognize its name, you have probably seen photos of Hallstatt somewhere on the internet. This charming Austrian village located by the Hallstatt Lake looks too magical to be real – it’s often compared to fairy tales. If you visit Europe this winter, you simply must travel to this winter wonderland destination and experience the magic yourself.

Zakopane, Poland

Being one of the most popular winter tourist destinations in Poland, Zakopane deserves a high place on your travel bucket list. With popular ski slopes and hiking trails around, the famous ski jump “Wielka Krokiew,” and the widely visible górale (Polish highlanders) and their culture, this is a destination where you will make unforgettable memories. After all, how many places offer such a variety of activities and experiences?

best winter wonderland destinations


Iceland is the perfect place to visit both in the winter and the summer due to its breathtaking landscapes. However, it has one additional perk in the coldest season – the Northern Lights. With its long nights and perfect geographical setting, you are bound to observe this natural wonder while visiting Iceland, and even if you don’t, worry not – volcanos, fjords, waterfalls, and hot springs will make your trip memorable anyway.

Budapest, Hungary

Being one of the largest cities in Europe, Budapest is worth visiting all year round. However, like Iceland, it has one major advantage in the winter – its famous winter market.

Advent Basilica – that’s the name of the Christmas fair – has won the Best Christmas Market in Europe award for the last three consecutive years, and it’s so for a reason. Its colors and splendor will surely amaze you – definitely a must-see if you plan to visit the Old Continent this winter.

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The Takeaway

Start planning your trip to Canada, Hallstatt, Zakopane, or Iceland, and enjoy Winter before it goes away!. Believe us – all of these winter wonderland destinations will give you true chills.

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