Are you a travel enthusiast looking for a way to trace your itinerary? Perhaps you are seeking a free travel map creator? YouMap is all of that and more, a perfect app for planning, recording, and showcasing your trips – get it and start mapping your adventures!

How Does It Work?

YouMap lets you create your own map and share it with a wider audience. You can mark any locations you wish, add information about them, and attach photos or videos. But what’s important is that you can encourage others to comment on your journeys.

Every location comes with a feed, and every map can (but doesn’t have to) be shared publicly or just for your friends and family. This means that YouMap doesn’t only let you create your personalized travel map but also show your adventures to other people! And that’s not the end of the functions.

Our app also includes a collaborative mode, which allows you to create custom travel maps for your group trips seamlessly. Forget about the hours of planning and trying to get in touch with those with whom you’re going on vacation – now, each of you can propose locations on one interactive map!

create a travel map

Why Trace Your Itinerary with YouMap?

Still unconvinced? See why YouMap is the best interactive travel map app!

  • Intuitive – Easy to use interface that works for anybody.
  • Collaborative – You can plan your group trips seamlessly on one interactive map.
  • Highly customizable – YouMap lets you choose what info about each location you wish to fill in and display.
  • Filled with content – YouMap is also full of public maps created by other users, which can inspire your travels and help you discover new destinations.
  • Easy to share – You can quickly send your map to friends or family just by pasting it into a DM, or you can embed your map on your travel blog or social media profile.
  • Accessible – Our app is available both on PCs and mobile devices (iOS) – you can modify your maps from any place in the world.

Plan Your Journey and Record Your Adventure with YouMap

Make your own travel map, fill it with photos during your vacation, and save the memories of your adventures for years to come. All you have to do is download YouMap!

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