Are you searching for an effective event management app? Then, you need to try YouMap – our social mapping app that will help you organize your events seamlessly. Input all your locations, add any extra info you need, and start coordinating your weddings, conferences, or festivals!

How Does It Work?

YouMap is one of the best apps for event planners for a reason: it enables you to plan your events end to end. You can use it as a communication hub with vendors, mainly thanks to real-time event notifications, create interactive maps to polish your logistics, or even use your maps as an interactive platform for the attendees!

With YouMap, you get the ultimate event management tool – an app that let’s you revamp your events and make them unforgettable!

 app for event planners

Why Is YouMap the Best Event Management Mobile App?

Why is YouMap your go-to app for event planners? Due to the following features:

  • Privacy – you can choose who has access to your map, ensuring that the map is interactive when needed while protecting your or your guests’ personal information and event details.
  • Community – you can use YouMap for networking with other event planners, to find recommendations on locations and useful tips for event planning.
  • Engagement – with YouMap, you can enhance the engagement of your guests by creating your own interactive maps where they can add photos and comments or which they can use later on to reminisce about your event!
  • Real-time notifications – you can create interactive event maps for you and your vendors and get real-time updates through in-app notifications, letting you know and react in case of any last-minute changes!
  • Communication – YouMap makes an excellent hub for coordinating and communicating with all your vendors in one place, giving you a full overview of your event and letting you make sure that everything goes smoothly!
  • Accessibility – as an app, you can check and coordinate your events easily with your phone without the need to have access to your PC.
  • Easy to share – you can share your maps with the desired vendors or guests easily via link or by embedding them into your emails or site.

Create Your Own Interactive Event Map with YouMap!

Download YouMap and start planning your event – after all, it’s one of the best apps for this purpose. Test all the customizable options and see what works best for you.

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