Poland is known for many things, and Christmas markets are one of them. Stunning with colors, local foods and crafts, and delicious sweets, visiting one of them is definitely a unique, fun experience. But which of them should you visit if you don’t have the time to check all of them? You’ll know that after reading this article, as we’ve prepared a list of the best Christmas markets in Poland here – enjoy!

Polish Christmas Markets that You Need to See

So, which Christmas market in Poland is the best? Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław or maybe Gdańsk? Take a look at the list below and you’ll learn the answer!

  • Kraków Christmas Market – It was rated by Christmas Tree World as the best Christmas market in Europe, and we can definitely agree with that. It’s located on the largest medieval market square on the continent and consists of charming wooden huts serving as stands which already give it a unique atmosphere. Add to that tons of different regional crafts and foods, from the oscypeks to pierogies and folk decorations, and mix it with more modern stands with candies – it’s simply a feast to all your senses. If you visit it, you have to try the mulled wine grzaniec, served in several characteristic huts – it’s there every year, and everybody loves it!
  • Poznań Christmas Market – Illuminated by over 43,000 LEDs, this market is a true kaleidoscope of colors. Add to that a 16-meter Christmas tree and a massive Ferris wheel, and you get one of the best Christmas markets in Poland. Plus, like in Kraków, you get to see stands with local crafts and foods, so you get your dose of folklore!
  • Wrocław Christmas Market – Like in Poznań, Wrocław Christmas Market is mainly known for hundreds of lights. What’s unique about it is that it looks more like a fair than your typical market, so you can really get into the fun atmosphere. Plus, Wrocław itself is beautiful, so you can admire the rest of the city when you’re done with the market.
  • Warsaw Christmas Market – You can also see a Christmas market in the Polish capital – Warsaw. Singing Christmas carols, lots of gingerbread cookies, an ice skating rink, and tons of folk crafts, clothes, and decorations – that’s what defines this particular market. Remember though that it might be a bit crowded – after all, it’s this country’s capital and largest city.

Navigating the Festive Magic: Mapping the Best Christmas Markets with YouMap

Poland christmas market

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Additionally, you can use YouMap to find other tourist attractions in the city you’re visiting. After all, you won’t spend all your time at the Christmas market, right?

The Takeaway

So, you know all about the best Christmas markets in Poland, but which one will you choose? Is it going to be Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław or Warsaw? Well, there’s no bad choice here! Remember to tour the cities as well – all of them have a lot to offer for tourists, so don’t limit yourself just to the market.

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