2023 marks the 47th anniversary of the establishment of Black History Month, which has become an important part of the American calendar for celebrating the accomplishments and legacy of African Americans. To commemorate this milestone, many cities and organizations nationwide are hosting special celebrations. What are the most noteworthy Black History Month events in 2023 that you should attend?

Black History Month – everything you should know

Black History Month is a month-long observance celebrated in February in the United States to recognize and honor the contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout history. The origin of Black History Month can be traced back to 1915 when historian Carter G. Woodson established “Negro History Week” in an effort to promote knowledge and understanding of African American history.

In 1976, “Negro History Week” was expanded to become Black History Month and officially recognized by the US government. Black History Month is supposed to shed light on the significant but often overlooked contributions of African Americans to society. It also challenges the notion that history is only told from a white perspective. This celebration serves as a time for communities to come together to commemorate the rich cultural heritage of African Americans, and educate others about the struggles and triumphs of this community throughout history.

Would you like to join the celebrations? Keep reading to learn what Black History Month 2023 events should you put on your bucket list.

Top Black History Month events in 2023

If you want to celebrate the contributions of the African American community, you should consider attending the following Black History Month events in 2023:

  • Woodson Black Fest – this event is held in Houston in honor of Carter G. Woodson who is the father of Black History Month. The festival is perfect for every fan of film, spoken word, lively conversations, music, and film screening. In 2023, the event will be taking place on February 2.
  • Savannah Black Heritage Festival – it celebrates the history and culture of African Americans in Savannah and the surrounding areas. The festival includes live music, dance, food, storytelling, art, and more. It’ll be taking place throughout February and is open to the public.

black history month events

  • Black History Month at Lone Star Flight Museum – on February 4, 11, and 18, Lone Star Flight Museum in Houston will be celebrating the achievements of African Americans in aviation. During the events, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about Jesse Brown, Bessie Colemen, and other heroic pilots.
  • Pasadena Black History Parade and Festival – this event will be held on February 18 and will feature live bands, community booths, dance performances, guest speakers, food for purchase, and other attractions. It’s one of the greatest Black History Month events in Southern California and it’s definitely worth attending if you live near Oaks Avenue and Figueroa Drive.
  • Harlem Week – this yearly event highlights the diverse cultural heritage of Harlem, including African-American, African, Caribbean, Hispanic, and European influences. It focuses on art, culture, religion, business, entertainment, and sports.

Apart from the Black History Month events in 2023, you can also support local African American communities and learn more about their culture by:

  • buying from Black-owned local businesses,
  • donating to charities,
  • visiting African American history museums,
  • exploring Black music history,
  • eating at African American restaurants.

The takeaway

Black History Month is an important observance that commemorates the accomplishments and legacy of African Americans. In February, people from across the United States gather together to reflect on the contributions of African Americans to history. Download the YouMap social mapping app to explore noteworthy Black History Month events in 2023 in your area!