Planning an event requires a lot of preparation. Choosing the dates, booking the venue, marketing and smoothing all the details – all of this might be quite difficult. However, there are tools that might make the whole process easier. In this article, we will focus on a particular type of them: event mapping tools. So, how can they help you plan an event and what mapping tools should you use? Read on to find out!

The best mapping tools that will help you plan an event

There are many event mapping tools that might be used to organize a better, more complex event, as well as to make this process more efficient. No matter whether you are planning to create the map of your event, or you are looking for competitors – these mapping apps will be a great aid:


As a social mapping app, YouMap can help you with many aspects of event organization. Firstly, you can use this tool to check the competitors. Simply take a look at local event maps and see whether something similar is being organized in the area. This way, you will know how likely is your event to succeed. By using YouMap you might check whether the location has potential, read the opinions on similar events and attract people by focusing on the aspects that are overlooked by your competition.

What is more, YouMap is an effective mapping tool for event marketing. You might promote your event by adding it to the social maps in the app, thus making it much more visible for the users. Additionally, you may make good use of the reviews – if your event is successful, people will express positive opinions in the app, making it easier to attract new attendees for next editions.

event mapping tools

Stamen Design

Stamen design is a great mapping tool that will help you create a plan of your event site. You might use it in different ways. For instance, you may prepare single-color maps – these are quite detailed and look great on leaflets. So, if you are planning to distribute maps in such a form, this is a decent option.

Additionally, Stamen Design allows you to create watercolor maps. These artistic designs will look great if you prefer something more fancy. Moreover, they might serve as the maps in your event’s application – they are precise enough for digital forms and make a great impression.


If you prefer simplicity, Toner is the event mapping tool for you. This app will help you create linear black and white maps. While simple in design, these maps will be easy to print out and extremely accurate. Your attendees will never get lost with these maps.


Moovit is a mapping app used for public transportation and getting from one place to another. However, it might also be used while organizing an event. An important part of event planning is checking whether the venue is easily accessible and providing potential attendees with tips on how to get there. Moovit combines all types of transportation: taxis, buses, trams, subway, and works in 3200 cities worldwide. By using it, it is possible to create the most accurate ‘How to get here’ section for your event’s website.

The takeaway

There are many mapping tools that might prove useful while planning an event. From picking the venue to checking the competitors – there are many ways to use them. By using several of these tools, you may make the event planning process easier, more efficient and less tiresome.

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