Work at YouMap

YouMap is a Product Hunt #1 app of the day that provides on-demand access to human events from a bird's eye perspective. Earth is your platform to communicate what is important to you. YouMappers are fireflies illuminating the world's events. We answer the question, what's happening right now, everywhere.

This is a ground floor opportunity. You will be using your problem solving and brainstorming skills to invent the future. We are confident in our product and our vision to succeed in the market and all the signs from the powers that be in social, tell us we are on to something special.

We are building an adaptive tool to drive the next revolution. Be a part of our team and directly shape the future of social media at YouMap.

Why YouMap?

Build communities in a community

YouMap is part of WeWork Labs, an incubator that connects select startups with mentors and investors from NYC and around the world.

Balance work with life

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Move to New York

Based in Soho, we are looking for people in New York City or those who are willing to relocate.

Open Positions:



Competitive pay. Health and dental, partly covered by a stipend. Equity depending on position.

Innovating is the job

Many of the things we do here at YouMap have never been done. YouMap is a patent pending-technology. Innovation is in our DNA.

Passion is the team

Dedication to our vision is what drives our team. Be passionate with us.